Local Development

Farming project in Igrici


In cooperation with experts, we participate in the launch of a communal farming project in the village of Igrici located in Borsod county, in the Northeastern part of Hungary. As part of this project, we organised communal meetings ("village meetings"), entrepreneurial training and a communal co-op.

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You can find more information about this project here - currently in Hungarian only:

Newspaper article click here to read (source: Szabad Föld).

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Communal house renovation programme

We launched a communal house renovation pilot programme in the village of Alsovadász located in Borsod county. The programme aims at community development by involving local Roma inhabitants, and improving the living circumstances by partial renovation of the houses. Local inhabitants do the renovation by granting volunteer work in a communal, so-called renovation "bee" system. Following an evaluation of the condition of the houses, our foundation found a construction industry volunteer who provided raw materials for the project. This project is meant to be an experimental model and we will forward the results and lessons learnt to decision makers.

You may read more about the renovation programme here. Currently in Hungarian only.

Following a request made by locals in the village of Hodász located in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, we conducted resource evaluations, analysed local conditions, generated projects and evaluated the viability of ideas and requests. We would like to support the local community in the successful execution of their plans. The only traditional Roma country house of Hungary - and even of Europe - is located in the village of Hodász.