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Cooperation Agreement with the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA KTI) and our foundation entered into a cooperation agreement on July 1, 2009. The MTA KTI agreed to professionally assist our foundation with the preparation, planning and execution of integration measures and programmes aiding disadvanted social groups, especially the Roma. The cooperation will include expert consulting and providing access to economic literature and analyses prepared by the MTA KTI.
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We finance the research activities of a young jurist by providing scholarship. The topic of the research is "The peculiarities of legal representation of Roma students, with special attention to public lawsuits regarding discrimination in public education."

Another scholarship is dedicated to the research of the relationship of the Roma communities living on segregated settlements and the mainstream society. This research is conducting empirical studies on effect of the mental attitudes of the Roma communities in segregated settlements to their relationship with the mainstream society by taking the culture and living circumstances of the Roma community into account. The purpose of the research is to map prejudices, obstacles of integration, and find a suitable approach to methods promoting real integration.

We relaunched a research by providing scholarship to two researchers. The research is targeted at the Mezőcsát region (including the villages of Ároktő, Igrici, Mezőcsát, Tiszakeszi, Tiszatarján) and was originally started in 2006 by the Szent István University in Gödöllő. Our foundation focuses specifically on the Roma population in the process of participation-based local development. Research tools include surveying, training, and providing bridging loans if necessary.

As a preparation to an employment project in the village of Ároktő we assess the opportunity of producing, processing and selling herbal products. We also examine the buying/consuming habits of the population.

Another scholar (a Roma researcher from the village of Ároktő) works on the preparation of a "TÁMOP" tender supporting the integration of disadvantaged youth.

The purpose of a research on micro loans is the preparation of the adaptation of the Grameen model under local circumstances. Read more...