Polgár Foundation for Equal Opportunities

The Polgár Foundation was founded in 2007 by economist András Polgár with the aim to stand by the most vulnerable part of society. The two central aims of the Foundations are to decrease the level of prejudice and discrimination against the Roma people, and to improve the life circumstances of Rome people living in the most remote areas.

In order to realize its mission, the Foundation aims to act as a mediator organization. Based on its chosen values, established tools, mechanics and sources, the Foundation feels capable, in order to improve life chances, to research and follow new paths, make efficient use of available funding. Continue reading...

What We Do

Football Talent Competition Programme - PHOTOS!

New photos featuring our camps at SZARVASKŐ and CSILLEBÉRC are available now!

Football Talent Competition Programme - MOVIE

View the short film about Robi, the first mentored student of our program here. The movie was made within the framework of the project called "SZÍNESEN ÉS ELFOGULATLANUL - Romák a sztereotípiákon túl" ("Colourfully and objectively - the Roma people, beyond the stereotypes"). The purpose of the project is to counter centuries long stereotypes by featuring 25 personal life stories. We are proud to have Robi included!

Football Talent Hunt


Although basically our activities are focused on employment, we again and again had to face the problem that Roma children, due to their problematic educational circumstances even those with special talents drop out of school or "get lost" in the system. We started hunting talent in the field of football. Provided we manage to find financial resources we would like to set up a Football Academy including a boarding school, which can ensure the football career for the most gifted Roma children coming from underprivileged backgrounds. Continue reading...

Football for Opportunities

This project is sponsored by the European Union and the National Development Agency.

Growing Cucumbers


The main activity of the Foundation is to improve the employment opportunities of the inhabitants of poorest and most isolated villages. We build our projects on local initiatives int he most underprivileged regions of Hungary. In one of the settlements with big Roma population, Igrici, the Roma people started intensive cucumber growing, which activity will hopefully lead 25 families -who lived on benefits and state support - to become independent, self-sustaining status. The Foundation provided interest-free loan with the help of a commercial bank in order to help starting the production. Continue reading...


In the fields of extraordinary importance in connection with the Roma issue (e.g. the segregation of Roma children in school and acting against other forms of social exclusion) where other NGOs have been working successfully for years, the Foundation has not started its own programme, but supported the cooperatively planned projects of the organizations. We supported 12 Roma organizations by donating one third of our annual budget. Continue reading...


So far we have started five research programmes, some of which serve as a basis for our professional work, others deal with issues that are current, urgent and fill a niche. Continue reading...

Bridging Loan

The national and European competition system operates with numerous problems payments falter, and these delays make programmes impossible) and in order to solve this problem the Foundation invented a programme of interest-free bridging loans for Roma programmes that already have the contract. With the help of this loan 18 projects have got over the crisis. Continue reading...

Donations and updates
You can support our programmes by donating an amount to our banking account at Raiffeisen Bank, account number HU12010501-01072910-00100009. At this time, we can accept donations in Hungarian Forints only. Thank you!
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Information in English is being added continuously. Check back soon to learn more about our programmes and activities.